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Lich Hunter

Lich Hunters are amoung the most respected of the Undead Hunters amoung the living, amoung the undead however, the Lich Hunter is one of the most feared forces for good in the Demiplane. Since an evil person cannot have access to the spells required to destroy a Lich only good aligned characters can become Lich Hunters.

Social ranks: Lich Hunters are almost always from the middle to upper class as the necessary items, magical and otherwise, are very costly.

Requirements: To be a Lich Hunter a character must have a minium Constitution/Fitness of 14, a Wisdom/Intuition of at least 13, and an Intellegence/Knowledge of 15.

Weapon proficiencies: Lich Hunters can use any weapon of any group as long as they are allowed its use by their class (if the optional Skills & Powers weapon proficiency rules are used then the character can use any weapon he/she wishes).

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Endurance, tracking, martial arts, riding (any), ancient history, and cryptography.

Equipment: A Lich Hunter begins their life of evil destruction with a copy of Van Richten's Guide to the Lich, a holy symbol of some kind (perferably of their own patron diety), and a blessed scroll case.

Recommended traits: Alertness, ambidexterity, fast healer, light sleeper, obscure knowledge, and a precise memory.

Benefits: A Lich Hunter slowly builds up a tolerence to gaze attacks (+25% chance to overcome a gaze attack per level, at 5th level a Lich Hunter is totaly immune). Regardless of class a Lich Hunter gains the ability to use both a Bless and a reversed Permenency scroll (to keep in the blessed scroll case).

Hindrances: a Lich Hunter must be lawful or neutral good. A Lich Hunter cannot be multi-classed. A Lich Hunter must not ever commit an evil act or the Dark Powers will try to subvert them (+5% to all power checks).

Wealth: Standard as per the character's class.