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Domain Lords

Gabrielle Aderre, lord of Invidia is an 8th level human enchanter. Gabrielle is a half-Vistani female that wrested control of the domain away from the former lord, a werewolf. Gabrielle will try anything to get the PC's to kill any Vistani close to hand.

Anhktepot, lord of Har'Akir is a Greater Mummy that sleeps in his tomb untill roused. Anhktepot desires to be human once again and will try anything to gain mortality.

Tristen ApBlanc, lord of Forlorn is two seperate creatures. Tristen is a ghost by night and a vampyre by day. A complete description of Tristen is next to impossible, for he also exists in three different time periods. Tristen is currently trying to destroy all of the druids of his realm as well as all of the sacred groves.

Arijani, lord of Sri Raji is a rakshasa. Arijani spends most of his time searching out the aftifact Ravana's Bane, a crossbow the killed his father.

Azalin, lord of Darkon is an 18th level lich. Azalin spends all of his time trying to gain enough power to escape Ravenloft. Azalin beleives that Strahd is the key to the destruction of Ravenloft and his escape. After his failed attempt to escape through the Grand Conjunction Azalin has devoted his time to descovering a way out of Ravenloft.

Ivana Boritsi, co-lord of Borca is a 0 level human. While she does not appear to be very powerfull, her kiss is lethal. Ivana is very bitter and spends her time trying to break up any form of a realtionship. After the Grand Conjunction she lives in a manson on one end of the domain while her cousian, Ivan Dilisnya lives at the other end of the domain.

Ivan Dilisnya, co-lord of Borca is also a 0 level human. Upon his rise to a Domain Lord Ivan lost all sense of taste. With his childish mentality Ivan would sacrifice anything and anyone to regain his palate. While Ivan is virtually powerless in combat the Dark Powers have granted him the power to turn anything he touches into poison thrice a day.

Tsien Chiang, lord of  I'cath can take two forms. That of an evil treant or as a 20th level wizard. Tsien does not like vistors and goes to great lengths to kill everyone that enters her domain unless they bring her gifts, especially if they are male.

King Crocodile, lord of  The Wildlands is a 12th level fighter. Crocodile rules his domain with the power of violence. While Crocodile is dying slowly he is still a very powerfull fighter.

Dominic d'Honaire, lord of Dementlieu is a a 7th level human enchanter. Dominic is a master schemer and spends his time in devising endless plots in a grasp for power.

Dr. Dominiani, lord of Dominia is a vampire not a werewolf, as he is suspected of being. While his domain is a sanitarium, Dr. Dominiani is quite sane. Any PC's unlucky enough to find themselves in Dominia quickly become his "patients" and go through endless therapy sessions where the good Dr. drains their brain fluid, not their blood.

Vlad Drakov, lord of Falkovnia is a 14th level human warrior. A viscious fighter Vlad spends most of his time trying to conquor the realms that border his, he has failed every time. Whenever Vlad takes the field he is armored and armed. Vlad is proficient in almost every battlefield weapon. When Vlad prevails in battle he impales his enemy on lances and suspends them in the air.

Elena Faith-hold, lord of Nidala is a 10th-level fighter. Elena was once a paladin but has fallen from that stature. The Dark Powers have given Elena a warped ability to detect evil and she uses her percevied ability to slay anyone that she sees as "evil".

Lord Wilfred Godefroy, lord of Mordent is a ghost. Little is known about Lord Godfroy. Godefroy spends his time hiding from the ghosts of his wife and child, whom he killed. Every night the Lady Godefroy and her child hunt down lord Godefroy and curse him for their deaths. Lord Godefroy takes out his anger on anyone who enters the manor house, witch is deserted.

Hazlik, lord of Hazlan is a 12th level human invoker. Hazlik hates wizards and devotes himself to the destruction of any that wonder into his real. Hazlik fears to sleep and because of his magic he is forced to sleep only once every few days. Hazlik can detect the use of magic anywhere in Hazlan within 10 miles minus one mile per level so a PC who casts a 9th level spell can be detected to within one mile.

Sir Tristen/Malken Hiregaard, lord of Nova Vaasa is a 7th level human fighter. While Tristen endlessly searches for his true love, his alter ego Malken does anything that he can to kill Tristen's loves.

Illithid God-brain, lord of Bluetspur. While very little is known of the God-brain or of Bluetspur, surviors of its hostile environment have told of the endless mental intrusions.

Harkon Lukas, lord of Kartakass is a a 7th level bard and wolfwere. Lukas's greatest desire is to rule, but their is nothing of substance to rule in Kartakass. Lukas has a deep hatred of werewolves and of vampires. Lukas also has a deep affection of most humaniod races.

Lemot Sediam Juste, lord of Scaena is a 3rd level illusionist. Lemot appears to be very weak but his ability to stretch the limits of other peoples sanity is un-paralled. His control over his domain give him an edge far beyond his apparent skill level.

Frantisek Markov, lord of Markovia is a 0 level human. Markov spends his time in grusome experiments on the animals and people of Markovia. The most common inhabitent of Markovia now are Broken Ones, Markov's experiments. Markov is cursed to wear an animal form, so he is rather hidious in apperance. Markov is also a shapechanger, he can assume the form of any animal in one round. No matter what animal form he takes, Markov always retains his own head and face.

Anton Misroi, lord of Souragne is a zombie lord. Misroi is not all powerfull as the other domain lords appear to be. Misroi's greatest desire is to become human once more, but that is forever denied to him by the Dark Powers. Misroi has the normal abilities of a zombie lord with the exception of being able to disappear into the swamp by stepping into a tree or sinking into the swamp, witch restores him to full hit points.

Adam (Mordenheim's Monster), lord of Lamordia is a flesh golem created by Victor Mordenheim. Most of the inhabitents of Lamordia do not realize their true lords nature. Baron von Aubrecker, a member of the local aristocracy is thought to be the ruler of Lamordia. Adam lives in a cave on the Isle of Agony. Adam wants more than anything to be human, but he is denied that pleasure. Dam despises Dr. Mordenheim but cannot bring himself to kill his creator. The Dark Powers have cursed both of them to feel each others pain.

Yagno Petrovna, lord of G'Henna is an 11th level human preist. Petrovna has built his whole faith and his whole domain around the worship of a false idol. The Dark Powers grant Petrovna his spells, not his god.

Jacqueline Renier, lord of Richemulot is a wererate. Renier spends her time as any wererat would, killing and pilaging. Renier has the powers of any wererat with the exception that she can turn gaseous at any time.

Draga Salt-Biter, lord of Sargoss is a 10th-level lycanthrope priest. Unlike other shapechangers, Draga has the ability to change his shape almost instantaneously. Draga almost always has a complete spell package as well as his lycanthrope abilities. Draga can detect any ship that enters his domain and makes it a point to check on everyone that calls on him.

Shinpi, lord of Rokushima is a geist. Shinpi is the least powerfull of any domain lord. The only thing that he can do is close his borders, all he can do is watch the events that unfold in his domain. Shinpi desires nothing more than to control his domain. His four sons are in the middle of a civil war that is destroying Shinpi's hard won realm.

Sodo, lord of Zherisia is a Ravenloft doppleganger. While Sodo has the powers of any of his race, he can only hold any one form for seconds. He shifts back and forth many times a round. Sodo is cursed to heal any pain that he causes. When he attacks someone the only thing that he succeds in doing his giving them the impression of a bad nightmare.

Soth, lord of Sithicus is a death knight. Soth's greatest desire is to possess Kitiara, his obsession. Soth endlessly wonders his domain, trying to escape the mists in search of Kitiara. Soth has all of the normal powers of a death knight.

The Three Hags, lords of Tepest. The sisters do anything that they can to make life miserable for anyone in Tepest. While the goblins that infest the land tend to get blamed for the disaperances that Hags are the true lords of the domain.

Alfred Timothy, lord of Verbrek is a 6th level preist and werewolf. Timothy beleives himself to be the high preist of the wolf god and considers any creature that is not a werewolf or a dire wolf to be blasphemous heathens. Timothy has all of the abilites of a werewolf and the abilities of a 6th level preist.

Tristessa, lord of Keening is a banshee. Tristessa spends her time searching for her lost child. Any PC's that encounter her are asked if they know where her child is. When the PC's don't provide an accpetable answer she begins to wail.

Captain Pieter van Riese, lord of the Sea of Sorrows is a ghost. van Riese wanders the Sea of Sorrows in search of a crew. He tries to lure PC's abourt his ship the Relentless to help him escape Ravenloft.

Baron Urik von Kharkov, lord of Valachan is a nosferatu vampire. von Kharkov hates wizards and other vampires above all things. Those who have been bitten be von Kharkov can be contacted with telepathy anywhere in Valachan and must save vs. charm.

Count Strahd von Zarovich, lord of Barovia is a 16th level necromancer vampire. Strahd is an evil genius. Everything he does is towards some ultimate plan. Strahd cannot be beaten, no matter what the strength or power of the party. Strahd always has some sort of contingency, or two, for every possible situation.