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Lycanthrope Hunter

Lycanthrope hunters are very reclusive people. They tend to stay mainly on the edge of civilization and watch what goes on around them. While Lycanthrope hunters can be of any alignment this kit is intended for good aligned characters, as most people see the extermination of werebeasts to be a good act.

Social ranks: Since there are so many different types of werebeasts from all different lands Lycanthrope hunters tend to be from the middle to upper class so that they can afford the tools of the trade and the expenses of travel.

Requirements: To take this kit, a character must have a minium Constitution/Fitness of 14 and a minium Wisdom/Intuition of 13.

Weapon proficiencies: Lycanthrope hunters can use virtualy any weapon so the proficiencies are up to the individual player and DM.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Tracking, endurance, riding(any). Herbalism is very strongly recommended, all werebeasts of whatever type have a certain nonmagical vulnerability. Most types are susceptible to some herbal concoction or naturally occurring element.

Equipment: Lycanthrope hunters start their adventuring life with a silver or cold-forged weapon of their choosing(not all werebeasts are vulnerable to silver or cold-forged metal however). Preferably some sort of holy symbol(to draw strength from in times of great need). Of course every successfull Lycanthrope hunter needs a copy of Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts.

Recommended traits: Alertness, ambidexterity, fast healer, light sleeper, obscure knowledge, and preceise memory. Now obviously a PC can't have all of these so the player should pick the ones that they think will help them the most.

Benefits: When this kit is chosen, the character slowly builds up an immunity to lycanthropy (every level the character lives beyond 3rd they get a +20% chance to avoid contracting the disease, i.e. by 8th level a Lycanthrope hunter is totally immune to lycanthropy. All Lycanthrope hunters get the ability to specialize with a weapon at 3rd level (obviously if the character is a fighter then they get this ability at 1st).

Henderances: Lycanthrope hunters must be lawfull or neutral of some type. A Lycanthrope hunter must refain from commiting any evil act, the Dark Powers love to seduce hunters of the vile and undead(+2%) to all power checks).

Wealth: Standard as per the character's class.