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Known facts

Al-Kathos was mentioned in the tale 'The judgement of Abd-Al-Mammat', written by Jeff Grubb, in 'Tales of Ravenloft'. It is an arabic domain, most likely drawn from al-Qadim. From the places on the map shown here, only the Lost Mountains, the Burning Citadel, and the Wounded City were taken from the story. The other places were made up, though the Sea of Strangers is a known body of water from al-Qadim.


Tales of Ravenloft: The Judgement of abd-al-Mamat (novel)

More info can be found at The Mordent Cartographic Society


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The current map still has all four types of terrain we introduced when starting the al-Kathos project: desert/wasteland, jungle, sea, and mountains, as these are the type of terrains commonly found in al-Qadim. Wether these terrains will all be present in the eventual version is another matter (e.g. we might drop the sea, choosing wadi's instead). I personally like the jungles, though.

The map was based on an as yet unchronicled area in al-Qadim, from the wasteland between the Land of the Yak men, the Ruined Kingdoms of Nog and Kadar, and the Sea of Strangers.
The cities in this area where original al-Qadim cities, drawn into Ravenloft by the Dark Powers.

The added cities are the City of Souls, the City of Wanderes, and the City of the Lost (more a village, really). Hidden in the jungle area are the ruins of the City of Despair, the stronghold for the jackalheaded priests of the Rotting Gods. The only other landmark are the wastes known as the Shifting Sands, home of the spectral Sand Singers.

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