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Known facts

Barovia is pretty much Ravenloft's Transylvania. The language, Balok, seems to be a slavic type of language.
The terrain is mountainous and forested, winters are cold. A beautiful but hostile domain.


Ravenloft (original adventure), Realm of Terror (Black Box), Domains and Denizens (Red Box), Domains of Dread, Forbidden Lore (accessory), Vampire of the Mists (novel), Knight of the Black Rose (novel), I Strahd (novel), I Strahd:The War against Azalin (novel), King of the Dead (novel), The House of Strahd (adventure), Tales of Ravenloft: Caretaker (novel), VRG:the Created (accessory)

More info can be found at The Mordent Cartographic Society


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Most of the map presented here is 'canon'. That is to say I didn't actually make up much. I found a place for the villages Berez, Cuzau and Hoessla (all mentioned in the I, Strahd novels), and I'm pretty sure they're on the right spot.

The only addition is Uselix, a village mentioned in CRG:The Created. The guide puts theis village on the flank of a snow-covered mountain, and Mount Sawtooth seemed as good a choice as any.
All other places were taken form the original maps, and would be correct.

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