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Known facts

Dementlieu is a high cultural, renaissance domain, and probably on the top of the list of worst documented domains.
The domain borders to the north to Lamordia, to the east to Falkovnia, to the west to the Sea of Sorrows, and to the south to Mordent and Richemulot.
It is a lightly forested domain, with little agriculture besides potatoes and cabbage. It has a highly developed culture, and two large cities : Port-a-Lucine and Chateaufaux
Most notable, geographically spoken, is the lake district.
Strangely, at least before the grand conjunction, the only major road seemed to be the one that run straight into the most violent and uncultured domain in the core (barring Forlorn): Falkovnia.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread, Chilling Tales (adventure), Tales of Ravenloft:The Vanished Ones (novel), Van Richten's Guide to Fiends (accessory)

More info can be found at The Mordent Cartographic Society


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Dementlieu has a French renaissance background ( as can be deducted from the names of the cities and inhabitants).
The language spoken is a sort of 'French'. (see Mordent)
It is odd that Dementlieu seems to have so few settlements. Additionally, the main road connects to Falkovnia - not known as a high renaissance state.
In building the map, I presumed the existence of two other roads (and hence two other towns that would serve as gateways: the road to Lamordia - specifically to Ludendorf, and the road to Pont-a-Museau in Richemulot.

Added Details

This is the gateway to Richemulot and Mordent. It is a small town, living of the traders of Richemulot. The Renier family may well have a few of their members living here.

Carlion de Duc
This is a fortified town that guards the bridge on the Musarde River. It contains a small army that can be called upon to defend both Dementlieu and Lamordia against invading forces of Falkovnia.

This is the village from 'Van Richten's Guide to Fiends', where Dr van Richten confronted the fiend Drigor.

Josquin des Flétan
This is a small fishing village, renown for the fish (a sort of sweetwater halbut) that is caught in the Lac Flétan ('Halbut Lake').
The town is called after 'Count' André Josquin. This nobleman resided long ago in Chateau Josquin, a castle at the border of Lac Fleau ('Curse Lake'). He went mad when his wife drowned herself in the lake - though some people claim this was not an accident...

Ste Lucienne
This fishing town is under the personal care (and influence) of the d'Honaires. It is a town that has recently been plagued by odd 'disapearances' under the folk. Some people have attributed this to monsters from the sea, but that has not been investigated as yet.

Added names : Isle d'Orleon is the small island at the Dementlieu coast.
This isle does not have settlers, but it does have a large stone structure known as the 'Pierre du Mort' (litt: Death Rock). This vast fortress, once the domicile of a knightly order, is now used as a prison for those who draw the unwanted attention of the domain's Darklord.
The most famous prisoner is the one known as the 'Faceless Man'. No one has ever figured out who this man is, and why is imprisoned on the isle.

Famous in Dementlieu are the lakes.
These 'lacs' ('lake' in french) are a very prominent feature, so I thought it important to provide a name for them.
Some of the names were suggested by Laurent Gresser, for which thanks.
Names given are:
Lac Flétan (Halbut lake)
Lac des Brumes (Mist lake)
Lac Comte Josquin
Lac des Brumes (Mist lake)
Lac des Pendus (Hangman Lake)
Lac de Gaube
Lac Fleau (Curse Lake)
Lac Sebastian (Lake of Sebastian)
Lac Cahagnet
Lac Nigramous (Nigramous: a castle from the Arthurian legends.)

The lakes on the Falkovnian side have names derived from that countries language: Lake Dorst and Lake Likho. ('Dorst' means thirst. a 'Likho' is a slavic malicious water monster)

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