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Known facts

Falkovnia is a domain mostly covered by forests, though the southern part gives way to large area's of wheat fields.
It has several fortified settlements, all connected by well maintained roads.
Falkovnia borders to the north to Lamordia and Darkon, to the south to Richemulot, to the west to Dementlieu, and to the east to the Shadow Rift.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread
Horror Harvest (Dungeon adventure), Death Chained (adventure), Death Ascendant (adventure), Van Richten's Guide to Fiends (accessory)


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This map is not finished yet, and more detail of the south/west of this domain will be added in the future.
Those items added to the original map where deduced from references in the van Richten guides, and a Dungeon adventure.
Falcon Marsh was taken from the Secrets of the Kargatane website.

Added Details

A small village, which appeared in Horror Harvest (Dungeon #38). This adventure also indicated the existence of a road betwee Aerie and Mofenzi

Grashen Falls
Grashen falls is referenced in von Ricghten's guide to Fiends. According to this book, the falls would be near Stangengrad.
Since all the rivers at Stangengrad had names already (Eel's Flow and Drochar are names originally associated with rivers which originated in G'henna), and the falls indicated another river (the Grashen), I added a river just south of the town.
Since I was not sure about a name for the village mentioned, I didn't include it as yet

A small village, which appeared in Horror Harvest (Dungeon #38). This adventure also indicated the existence of a road between Aerie and Mofenzi

This fortress holds a regiment of Drakov's falcons. It is not considered well to be 'promoted' to these holdings, as the regiment's soldiers are periodically send into the marsh to clean it out. Most who go in do not return.
Lake Rigor, while large,is very salty, presumable due to the proximity of the marshes, and hardly supports life. Though the water is stagnant, the lake does not freeze over in winter. In the summer, the water smells dreadful, and musketoes plague those who are settled here.

I named the lakes in this domain (note that the new maps do not show the three lakes north of Lekar. I am presuming that this was an error, not intentional, so they are shown on this map. The names I choose were : Lake Rigor, Lake Fest, lake Weinacht, Lake Dorst, and Lake Likho.

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