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Known facts

Hazlan is a domain whose west is covered with the Balinoks mountains and pine forests, while the east is covered with rolling hills and grasslands. It is a pretty wild land, with only three major settlemnents: Sly Var, population 5,400, Toyalis, a town with 8,000 people, and Ramulai, a village with 2,500 people.
Hazlan connects to Kartakass in the west, and Forlorn, Barovia and Nova Vaasa in the North. The rest of the domain is bordered by mists.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread, Tales of Ravenloft:The Glass Man, Secrets of the Kargatane: The Black Spire (website), Champions of the Mists, CotN:Ghosts (accessory)

More info can be found at The Mordent Cartographic Society


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