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Known facts

Invidia is cradled between Verbrek, Sithicus, Borca, and Barovia.
The Musarde river snakes from south to north across the Land, creating a valley dotted with villages.
Most of the rest of the domain is wildernis. Main stellements are Karina and Curriculo.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread,
The Evil Eye (adventure)


(Click on the map for details)


This map is based on the map found on 'The Evil Eye'.
Not the best map to build on - the map scale is off, and the borders of the domain are all wrong (at least compared to Domains of Dread).
In short, I used the names and references in this module, and used the elevation lines from the Black Box to reposition villages and rechart rivers. The result, I think, is a good compromise.
This domain is the most crowded as yet (with the possible exception of Kartakass).
Since 'Invidia' is spanish for 'Envy' (or so I've been told), it seems natural that the domain has a spanish-like tongue. Since Invidian is decribed as a 'bastardized' version of Balok (akin to Roman), this seems about right.

Added Details

None. The Evil Eye had all the information I needed.
Based on the Black Box elevation lines, I changed the 'Bleak Sisters' into two mountain peaks, even though the domain itself is not so rough.

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