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Known facts

Lamordia ia a coastal domain, with a harsh climate. It's most notable features include the Island of Agony and the Sleeping Beast, a mountain range.
It's harsh climate attracts few settlers, so with the exception of Leudendorf and Neufurchtenburg, there are few large towns.
Lamordia borders to the West to the Sea of Sorrows, to the east to Darkon, and to the south to Dementlieu and Falkovnia.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread,
Mordenheim (novel), Adam's Wrath (adventure), Chilling Tales (adventure), Forged of Darkness (accessory), Van Richten's Guide to the Created (accessory)


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Lamordia' background is based on Germany, as can be derived by such names as 'schloss', and 'Leudendorf'.
It is therefor a bit surprising that the main terrain features are given english names (Black River, Sleeping Beast, isle ofAgony), though it is ofcourse not uncommon for cartographers to adapt local names to their own language.
I assumed that most of the Lamordians who lived around The Sleeping Beast mountains would in one way or another, be connected to the mining that took place in these mountains years ago (deduced from Adam's Wrath).
When the mining stopped, this would certainly have had his effect on the populace - but a few settlements would persist.

Added Details

Confused about the 'road' through the Sleeping Beast?
Well, there was bound to be one - if only to reach the mines in the early days. Nowadays, the pass is very hard to travel, though. Most of the original pass is now covered by the icy boundaries of an enormous hunk of ice called "Death's Glacier".

The town Essen serves as a gateway to the pass. Originally it throve on the export of ores won through mining, but since the mines have been closed, the populace has dwindled. Now, it mainly exports limestone.
The town is named after the van Essen family. The family is led by Olaf van Essen, a man who is very fond of horses. From his stalls come the best Lamordian horses (very reliable and hardy, though a bit roughadn 'unsophisticated' to the tastes of most noblemen). Recently, Olaf has started to crossbreed with horses from other domains, notably Nova Vaasa.

Originally, this village was ment to house those people who would visit Schloss von Aubrecker during the summer months (mostly merchants, but occasionally craftsmen who would come to maintain the castle).
Since the events in 'Adam's Wrath', Baron von Aubrecker has moved several families and some militia to live there permanently, so he can rely on some backup whenever problems arize.

Leidenheim appeared in the novel 'Mordenheim' as the town where Victor Mordenheim started his carreer.
While it was the epitome of science, and supported a lot of highstanding scientists, it's university and hospital now lie almost abandoned - thus depriving doctor Mordenheim from the peers whose respect he would so gladly gain, while still reminding him from his past.
Leidenheim is surrounded by the marsh of the Musarde Delta, which originated when Lamordia was drawn into Ravenloft. Most of it's inhabitants suffer from fever attracted from these marshes. There is a cure for this illness, but since no medical expertise (or money for training) is available to procure it, all that can be done is to care for the sick.

This is the hideout of Adam's Children (from "Adam's Wrath").

Not on the map as yet. Dunkelheit is situated in the northern part of the Sleeping Beast mountains.

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