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Known facts

Liffe is the largest island in the Nocturnal Sea. It's main port is Armeikos. Otherwise there are only a few small villages, of which Claviera is the seat of Liffe's Lord, Baron Evensong.


Domains of Dread, Book of Crypts (adventure).


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Most sites on Liffe come from the Book of Crypts. Taking this a bit further, I based all other sites on Liffe also on this adventure module. It is assumed that Liffe is based on Krynn, though there are also references to Oerth and Toril.

Added Details

This village was also mentioned in the Book of Crypts, and I decided to include it here. it is surrounded by woods (mostly hunted empty) and rather remote.

Sound of Liffe/Hordung River
These were taken from the map of Armeikos in the Book of Crypts. Liffe takes its name after the Sound of Liffe, the name of the sea east of the island.

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