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Known facts

Mordent is a domain dotted with forest, moors, and heath. It has numerous small villages, farms, and the odd manor.
Though there is a very detailed map available for Mordentshire, the domain's largest settlement, there are little details about the rest of the domain.
The only other known site is Wescote Manor (from Howls in the Night).
The domain borders to the north to Dementlieu, to the east to Richmulot, to the west to the Sea of Sorrows, and to the south to Valachan.
Since the grand conjunction, the Mordentshire's 'lost road' has been used extensively to travel to Valachan.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread,
Howls in the Night (adventure), Children of the Night:Ghosts (accessory), The Forgotten Children (Netbook), Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill (adventure), Tales of Ravenloft: The Briar at the Window (novel)

More info can be found at The Mordent Cartographic Society


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Mordentshire seems to be based on the English countryside.
It is therefor somewhat odd that the language spoken is so like that of Dementlieu (which has a French/Italian rennaisance background).
My assumption was that the original language of Mordentshire was largely replaced by that of Dementlieu in the last century, when the power of a few 'foreign' families, such as d'Honaire, Mousel and Scoville (married into the Weathermay family), grew. Even before that, there must have been some 'foreign' influence, as the Renier family (possibly related to the Renier family of Richemulot) built Gryphon Manor.
Still, a lot of Mordent locals, especially in the villages, will have a rudimentory knowledge of the 'old' langauge. Most towns, places, and family names also have kept their english names.
This gives Mordent a unique place in the demiplane. With the exception of isolated domains such as Staunton Bluffs and Forlorn, there are no other domains that have this background.

Added Details

A fishing village. Overall, a very quiet town.
Most notable about the village is Preston Hill, build by Ezekiel Preston (from CotN:Ghosts).

A small village, featured in the adventure 'The Man Who Lost His Mind' in the Forgotten Children Netbook, by John Mangrum.

Crawford/Crawford Manor
I took the name of this settlement from a manor in a Dungeon adventure (the Unkindness of Raven, Dungeon #65, by Jason Kuhl).

Added names : the 'Arken' is the river that orinates in what was previously Arkendale (not very original, I know...).
Also on the map are a few lakes, which were never named.
I named them 'Lake Listoire' (in Richmulot), 'Lac Cahagnet', 'Lac Sebastian' and 'Lac Nigranous' ('lac' means 'lake' in french).

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