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Known facts

Richemulot is a small domain, ruled by the wims of the merchant families that live in the domain's three large settlements : Pont-a-Museau, Ste Ronges, and Mortigny.
The habitants of this domain are all fugitives of other domains - Falkovnia, Borca, and Dementlieu.
There is no mentioning of other settlements besides the three largest cities, but especially the east of Richemulot has plenty of space for some. Like most western domains of the core, Richemulot is dotted with forests (not all are as yet on the map). It's landscape is rugged and hilly. Most notable is the Musarde River, along which all major settlements are build.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread, Tales of Ravenloft, Scholar of Decay (novels)


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Richemulot has a French renaissance background (see Dementlieu),though it is less sophisticated. Since most people live in the cities, I believe there are very few other settlements.

Added Details

Piper's Bog
This is a bog outside Ste Ronges. It was the place of demise of the piper of Hamelyn, in the short story 'Nocturne', in Tales of Ravenloft.

Added names :
I named the Lake west of Ste Ronges 'Lake Listoire'.

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