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Known facts

Sanguinia is an Island of Terror, mentioned in the black box (back in those good old days). It was a big mountain surrounded by mists, with a number of (nameless) rivers and three pathetic hamlets : Kosova, Tirgo, and Fagarus.
The domain is ruled by prince Ladislav Mircea, a vampire.
Since Vechor has since returned, however, it is possible that the domain will reappear in the future.


Realm of Terror (Black Box)

More info can be found at The Mordent Cartographic Society


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The current map is not too much different from the original map. The domain is quite small (smaller than, say, Richemulot). There are only three small settlements (Tirgo, Kosova, and Fargarus). The most important structure is castle Guirgiu.
There are a number of rivers in the domain, most of which were left unnamed in the original map, with the exception of Lake Argus (which means 'suspicion'). The names proposed here were taken for a part from the rivers in the Core. If you place Sanguinia in the Shadow Rift, at the place where once was Markovia, the rivers that flow down the mountain connect in a very conspicious way to the rivers that end up near the Rift. Coincidence, no doubt, but we took pleasure in naming the rivers in Sanguinia to those to which it would connect in the Core, were the situation otherwise. These rivers would be the Drochar (a river in G'henna), the Vashna (Borca), Vaugn (Tepest), Borchava and Berchitsa (Nova Vaasa). The Mazliz is the onyl name we actually made up. It would connect to the Volgis (in Barovia) if Sanguinia would ever join the core (which, I have to add, we doubt it ever will).

Other elements we added to the map were names for the forests: Angust and Mitlieben Walt. 'Walt' means 'wood', 'Mitlieben' means 'sympathy', and 'Angust' is a play on 'Angst', or 'fear'.
The last thing added was Thunder Cathedral (see the game master map), hidden near the mountain top of mount Radu. This cathedral may hide the only way to defeat the land's lord.

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