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Known facts

Tepest is a heavily forested domain wedged between Darkon, Nova Vaasa, and the Shadow Rift. It is hilly and unhospitable. The domain is teeming with goblins, and the few people that live here do so in small villages, living on herding or fishing.
Partway between Tepest and darkon lies keening.
This domain exists mainly of a low mountain, called Mount Lament. This domain does not have any living residents - the donain's only settlement is a City of the Dead, and ius inhabited by zombies.


Ravenloft Black Box, Ravenloft Red Box, Domains of Dread, Darklords (accessory), Servants of darkness (adventure), The Shadow Rift (accessory), Tapestry of Souls (novel).


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Added Details

The village of Linde was featured in the Tapestry of Dark Souls novel. The surrounding area has seen a few werewolves and werefoxes, though they are not common.

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