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The Forgotten Terror

The Forgotten Terror is a crossover module with the Forgotten Realms that can be played with Castle Spulzeer or without it. The Forgotten Terror is for 4 to 6 characters of 10th to 12th level. I really liked the adventure when I DM'd it, but I also DM'd Castle Spulzeer so I knew the more of the history of the adventure than was presented within it's pages. I do not think that there was near enough gothic horror in the module to call it a Ravenloft module however. I would like to make a set forth my impressions, pros and cons...


     1. Unless the DM spilled his hand and told his player's that they were in Ravenloft, they would never have realized that they          had left the Realms.

     2. A good gothic horror module does not rely on the death of the characters to give the impression of fear and horror. A          great wyrm red dragon tends to kill off 10th level characters.

     3. When a room starts to fill with blood, it's not cause for a horror check, it's just gross.

     4. A room full of breathable red liquid filled with eye's of the deep that gives the characters a permanent phobia is not scary,          it's just something that will piss off your players that worked their characters up to 10th level.

     5. I really liked the chapel room, but being attacked by 5 glass golems is just to predictable.

     6. The arena pits the characters against monsters one at a time untill they realize that they need to jump into a pit of fire with          a 50% chance of picking the wrong one and dying or they are killed by the creatures. Now, with 10th level characters          this could take awhile facing only orc and ogres.


     1. The idea of facing 5 doors at the end of every room with the possibility of returning to a room already explored is very          intersting. After awhile, my players started to get very frustrated though.

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