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Vampire Hunter

Vampire hunters live only to rid the world of Vampires. This kit is intended for good aligned characters, as the act of killing a vampire cannot be seen as an evil act. In a world as strange as that of Ravenloft, there are many vampires to contend with. A character that wishes to become a Vampire Hunter must live within the Land of Mists.

Social ranks: Vampire Hunters tend to be from the middle to upper class, as the tools of the trade are rather expensive.

Requirements: To take this kit, a character must have a minium Constitution/Fitness of 15 and a minium Wisdom/Intuition of 14.

Weapon proficiencies: Vampire Hunters can use any edged weapons, i.e. swords, axes, daggers, stakes, etc.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Endurance, tracking, martial arts, riding (any). If the DM allows poison, the Vampire Hunter must have herbalism to make various salves and poltices to help them heal faster.

Equipment: A Vampire Hunter starts out their adventuring life with the following equipment: A good holy symbol (perferably one of their own patron diety), a mirror, 5 cloves of garlic (perferably in some sort of bag to prevent the smell from getting out), wooden stakes of various types (ash, yew, oak, etc.), a weapon of the characters choice that has been blessed, and a copy of Van Richten's Guide to Vampires.

Recommended traits: Alertness, ambidexterity, fast healer, light sleeper, obscure knowledge, and precise memory.

Benefits: When this kit is chosen, the character slowly builds up an immunity to vampire level draining (every level the character manages to stay alive they get a +25% chance to resist a vampiric level drain, by 5th level the character is totally immune). Regardless of class the character gets the climb walls ability (as per the theif, to increase as the charcter wishes). Regardless of class the character gets the ability to specialize with a weapon at 3rd level (if the character is a warrior then he obviously gets this at 1st level).

Hindrances: A Vampire Hunter must be lawful or neutral good. A Vampire Hunter cannot be multi-classed. A Vampire Hunter must dedicate their lives to the destruction of all vampires. A Vampire Hunter must refrain from commiting evil acts, as the Dark Powers would love to entice them (+3% to all power checks).

Wealth: Standard as per the character's class.