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Vampire Vulnerabilities

A partial list of objects and places that may, or may not, keep a vampire at bay. Not all vampires are affected by any or all of these items or places.


Good holy symbols
Blessed accoutrements from a good-aligned faith
Mirrors presented boldly and with conviction
Running water

Sanctified Places

A house, owned by the residents.
A monastery, owned byt he order of priests that dwells within it.
A graveyard, owned by the priestly order that oversees it.
A church
Hallowed hunting grounds

The types of places that may concidered sanctified fall under two general catagories. A building that is experessly owned by an individual or strongly defined group. Note that Strahd owns everything in Barovia, so this catagory is not valid inside of that domain. Secondly, some sort of building dedicated to a holy group i.e. churches temples, etc.

Type Weapon Vulnerability Chemical Susceptibility
Dwarven Stalactite/stalamite Powdered metal
Gnome Silver spike(blessed) Holy water
Halfling Wood(burning from a hearth) Holy water
Kender Their own hoopak Shimmerweed

Vampiric Poison