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Werebeast Vulnerabilities

A list of some of the better known werebeasts and the weapons and chemical compounds that usually harm them. This list is not complete however and not all werebeasts, even of the same type, are susceptible to the same objects. It would be unwise to bet one's life on this information.

Creature Weapon Vulnerability Chemical Susceptibility
Werebat Silver (piercing) Skullcap
Werebadger Silver Poppy seed oil
Werebear Cold-forged iron Belladonna
Wereboar Oaken spear Camphor
Werecrocodile Flint Mandrake
Werefox Canine bone Juniper berry
Werejackal Copper Fennel
Wererat Varied Varied
Wereraven Silver Unknown
Wereseal Whalebone, whale tooth Amaranth
Wereshark Petrified wood or silver Mangrove
Weretiger Obsidian Ginseng
Werewolf Silver Wolfsbane (aconite)